Frequent Flyers: Chromeo

When I’m not traveling and need a brief escape from work or winter, I turn to my Instagram account. I follow several artists who compose or create in various places across the globe. I follow strangers who like to dine in big cities. I follow friends who take fantastic photos of their vacation adventures. Whatever the case may be, most of these Instagram accounts are travel-related, and they’re awesome. One of my favorites is about fashion. Airport fashion. And it just happens to belong to Chromeo.

IMG_1250 (1)

Anyone who knows me well knows that I love Chromeo. If you don’t know who they are or what they do, you are truly missing out. A live Chromeo show is happy-making and travel-worthy. Here’s an interesting factoid: I have flown to see them in Austin, San Francisco and Chicago, but have never seen them in Minnesota. Self-anointed “Funklordz”, Dave 1 and P-Thugg have several Instagram accounts between them, but this is my fave.

Because they are frequently on tour, they spend much of their time in airports – eating fast food, waiting for flights, buying magazines . . . and people watching. Their song Frequent Flyer is about air travel – and fashion:

Have you ever met a frequent flyer dressed in all white attire? . . . Trust me girl, you look dashing . . . even with your seatbelt fastened. Are you into fashion? Cause I noticed our outfits are matching.

Why not have an account dedicated only to airport styles they encounter along the way?

And, being the nice guys that they are, they are careful to point out that they are not making fun of the people in their photos. Having a discerning eye for stand-out style is one thing, but always coming up with a suitable clever caption creates an Instagram winner in my book.

I always wear my best outfit at any airport just in case . . .


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