Vancouver’s Grouse Grind

One of our favorite family memories of 2015: conquering the Grouse Grind together when we visited Vancouver. 2,830 steps. 1.8 miles long. 2,800 foot elevation gain. This climb is no joke – and absolutely beautiful.

It was a proud parenting moment also – the older two kids disappeared on the trail ahead of us (clearly forgetting their Harney Peak experience) and our youngest completed the whole route himself with some fierce determination. Check it. I was too busy looking down at the craggy terrain and thinking about the pain in my thighs to remember to snap any other photos. Kudos to these fine people of Instagram for capturing the amazing scenery along the trail.

Have you completed the Grouse Grind? Share your story in the comments! More musings about Vancouver and our Pacific Northwest trip coming soon . . .

FullSizeRender 2

Photo credit: @mariakabachkova


Photo credit: @lydiascapes | I got lost in her blog today too . . . fantastic travels and photography.


Photo credit: @kellybietola

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6 thoughts on “Vancouver’s Grouse Grind

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  4. Heeey happy that you figured out how it works and joined us on #MondayEscapes 😀
    1,8 miles is a lot for a 2,800 foot elevation! Way to go!
    I know what you mean about taking pictures on a long hike haha… I did one last year in Austria and to be honest I was taking pictures as an excuse to stop and catch my breath once in a while 😀


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