Lake Louise / Tea House Hike, Banff NP

What is it about Wednesday that makes me nostalgic?

I’m recalling a great road trip Eric and I took during the pre-iPhone days . . . before I took a million pictures or bothered to write anything down. We borrowed my aunt and uncle’s 1989 Winnebago Le Sharo and drove to Banff National Park. We broke down briefly somewhere in Montana, stayed at bed and breakfasts (even though we had our own beds, whaaat?) and bought our first piece of “real” art from a gallery. The year was 1998? We think.

I remember listening to cassette tapes during the drive, ooh-ing and aah-ing at the Banff Springs Hotel, and getting scolded by the lady whose home we stayed in for not drinking all the milk in my cereal bowl.

I also remember the magnificent turquoise of Lake Louise and our picturesque hike to the Plain of Six Glaciers Tea House – past views of Mount Lefroy, Mount Victoria and the Victoria Glacier. I can’t wait to return with my little hikers. It looked something like this:

The hike itself was not too tough. The first half was easy and flat along the shoreline of Lake Louise. Just past the lake, the trail started to climb and turn into a forest. The farther we went, the thinner the crowd got. The second half was more strenuous with uneven trail and several switchbacks before we reached our destination. We were greeted by this cute scene:

I recall being impressed to learn that everything they serve at the tea house is cooked on site from propane stoves because there is no electricity. Or running water (which means no flush toilets too, yep). The main supplies are brought in at the beginning of the summer by helicopter; the rest are packed in by horse or by tea house employees who use the same trail as the rest of us.

NOTE: The tea house opens for the season late June/early July and stays open to mid-October (weather permitting). It is 3.4 miles to the tea house; allow 4-6 hours for the round trip hike, not including your stop for a rest. Make sure to have cash – or you will miss out on tasty treats, warm soup or tea.

Photo credits to these fabulous photographers: (from top to bottom) @destinationyonder, @outsighters, @dandy_driftwood, @isnamazi. I’ll bring my camera next time.


8 thoughts on “Lake Louise / Tea House Hike, Banff NP

  1. That is an adorable retreat. I love places like that. Ones that have so much personality they almost come to life when you visit them. Funny you are nostalgic on Wednesdays. I tend to be too. Today I pulled up a bunch of our pics to Aulani last Nov. Not very far back but with kids the pics of them are already so different especially our two year old. Ahhh… the joys and blessings of travel. Lots and lots of memories!!!


  2. Gosh! Was that trip pre-kids, or what!??! Seems like ages ago! And time for added discoveries in that beautiful part of our continent! Thanks for the mention.


  3. We made this same trip and kept saying as we hiked, “Almost to the tea house,” turned out it was closed for the season. Oh well, it was a beautiful hike!


  4. Those first two photos – so lush! I’m such a sucker for a good lake! Amazing!

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  5. Awesome photos! Thank you so much for the follow and kind words. You have a great blog! Looking forward to more 😀 – Faye

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  6. […] and Jasper National Park: to hike the Plain of Six Glaciers + Lake Louise with my kids and visit Moraine […]


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