Amazing Day Hikes Around the World

It’s spring break time in the states and most people I know are leaving gray-brown / no-leaves-on-the-trees / not-warm-enough-for-shorts Minnesota for tropical locales with warm beaches and plenty of sun. Meanwhile, our family is prepping and packing for an epic road trip through Utah and Arizona. The forecast is not-warm-enough-for-shorts, and there are times I have questioned our spring break plans. Until I remember why:

Because hiking. We love it. Besides family togetherness and lots of driving, we plan to hike the hell out of some national parks.

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My Travel Bucket List

I have always had a few travel ideas in my back pocket, but have never put pen to paper (or fingertips to keyboard) to draft up a more complete list of all the places in the world I would like to visit . . . from vague to specific . . .

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Lake Louise / Tea House Hike, Banff NP

What is it about Wednesday that makes me nostalgic?

I’m recalling a great road trip Eric and I took during the pre-iPhone days . . . before I took a million pictures or bothered to write anything down. We borrowed my aunt and uncle’s 1989 Winnebago Le Sharo and drove to Banff National Park. We broke down briefly somewhere in Montana, stayed at bed and breakfasts (even though we had our own beds, whaaat?) and bought our first piece of “real” art from a gallery. The year was 1998? We think.

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Vancouver’s Grouse Grind

One of our favorite family memories of 2015: conquering the Grouse Grind together when we visited Vancouver. 2,830 steps. 1.8 miles long. 2,800 foot elevation gain. This climb is no joke – and absolutely beautiful.

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In your mind, what image epitomizes “vacation”? Is it putting your (preferably bare) feet up after a long week at work? How about putting your feet up and enjoying a gorgeous view? For us Minnesotans, this scene generally includes water of some kind: lakeside or poolside during our glorious summers – or next to an ocean, during the months of December through April, with our feet touching warm sand. Because WINTER. Continue Reading

Frequent Flyers: Chromeo

When I’m not traveling and need a brief escape from work or winter, I turn to my Instagram account. I follow several artists who compose or create in various places across the globe. I follow strangers who like to dine in big cities. I follow friends who take fantastic photos of their vacation adventures. Whatever the case may be, most of these Instagram accounts are travel-related, and they’re awesome. One of my favorites is about fashion. Airport fashion. And it just happens to belong to Chromeo.

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Insta-spiration: Zion NP

Zion National Park is on our 2016 travel list! I am daydreaming today about hiking the Narrows.


Photo credit: @freedomrise | Love her photography and art – and soon-to-be clothing line that makes you think of outdoor adventures like this. Visit