8 Tips to Take the Pain out of Packing


Travel is fun, but let’s face it – packing is not. This wouldn’t be a proper travel blog if I didn’t dish out some tips for making the packing process easier, less tedious, or more efficient. I strongly dislike packing, but it must be done. Over the years we have honed our packing skills – especially when it involves all 5 of us getting prepared. We never start early, and there’s no chaos or panic (anymore). Here are my top 8 tips, take what you will:

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Just the Two of Us

This guy. He’s my Valentine, and husband of 16 years (and counting). Hands down, he’s my #1 favorite travel partner. We went on plenty of trips together when we were first married: honeymooned in Hawaii, explored Belize, camped in the Black Hills, road-tripped to Banff, relaxed in Carmel.

We are a good match, travel-wise: we prefer active excursions, adventurous dining and live music. We visit museums, hike up mountains and swim in oceans.

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